Can data in “ipfs files” synchronize between node?

I have uploads some files using ”ipfs files“ on node1, And how can I see the files (with directory )on node2 using “ipfs files"?

If you wanna do one-click i.e. add once added everywhere, synchronization, you can use multi-node orchestration tools such as IPFS cluster

I also want to keep the file information, i.e. the directory structure.

Then run ipfs-cluster-ctl add -r <PATH_TO_YOUR_FOLDER>

Sorry, my english is poor. and I mean when I create directory and files using command “ipfs fils” on node A, I want to see them on node B using “ipfs files”. Such as ,
on node A, I create a firectory and a file.

>ipfs files mkdir /abc
>echo “hello world” | ipfs files write --create /abc/1.txt

then execute “ipfs files ls /abc”, will show the result


I can also see the same thing on node B.

>ipfs files ls /abc

There’s a rather long winded discussion here with some steps

Thank you very much for the kindly help