How to Solve Scalability in IPFS?

How to scale a crypto project and still have a high network speed without using sharding in IPFS? Cuz sharding welcomes centralization

What kind of sharding are you referring to? What do you think you need to shard in order to get better scalability?

I suppose this might be answered by the answer to the first question, but how so?

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We have a crypto project, which is pure mobile mining, its tech is very light and cool to allow mobile device to mine with almost no impact on the phones CPU. Currently, the team is focusing on IPFS native integration and may come into completion 2-3 months to come.

Now comes a question, on how to scale it and have perfect speed under IPFS as we don’t want to use shard, we all know the side effects of it (I.e centralization and finally 51% attack), hence we don’t want sharding but looking for database with good speed but switable under IPFS, you have any ideas?

I’m still not sure what you mean by sharding in the context of IPFS, but maybe it’s not important. Also, a 51% attack doesn’t apply to IPFS as it doesn’t use a blockchain.

I’m not sure about this, but maybe others have ideas. The only database I’m aware of (off the top of my head) built on IPFS is orbitdb, but there might be others.

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Ok, thanks for your inputs.

:smile: this might help, was really looking for server less environment. And if not, it will take us some steps ahead.