How to update webUI?

How to use latest web UI keeping Kubo version as it is?
Just changing CID after /ipfs/ path does not work. It throws 404 error.
I have to access webui only at localhost.

It looks like we pin a specific CID for the WebUI in the Kubo source code:

If you’re compiling Kubo locally, you could probably just update that.

Thanks for the reply.
But I am using available binaries, not compiling by myself.
As shown in given link, I can open any webUI version below default one. But as soon as I open the newer version cid, it throws 404 error.

What URL are you entering in your browser?

Currently, following is only success.

Following is 404

Using any CID with public facing gateway domain is OK. But as soon as I switch to, it throws error.
I don’t want to expose APIs to public. So I hahe to use only localhost ip address viz.

Port should be 8080, not 5001.

Should work fine like that. Both URLs work for me.

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When you access the webUI via the API port (5001) it’s restricted to that list of CIDs

Here’s the explanation (security via origin isoiation)

As @Discordian suggested, that constraint doesn’t exist over the gateway port (8080)