How to upload the file in IPFS-cluster when I know only CID

Hello I’m working for real-time data acquisition system using IPFS and IPFS cluster.
I use raspberry pi to record and upload by IPFS in private swarm. And then I get CID from there.
But I wonder that if I use IPFS-cluster like server(like AWS EC2), how can I upload the file??
Also the IPFS-cluster is in IPFS swarm and I have two nodes(PC and macbook pro)

I think I have to run the below code in IPFS cluster

ipfs get CID # get file by IPFS
ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add CID # store with cluster peers

But this way, it takes a lots of time and I think there is another way to do it.

So Is there any idea of it or anything I know wrong, please let me know.
I appreciate your help! Thanks!!

That is essentially the way. How long it takes depends how fast IPFS can pin something.

There is an alternative way too, if you prefer:

ipfs dag export <cid> >
ipfs-cluster-ctl add --format=car
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Thanks for helping me! I will try your alternative way and compare the time between my way and yours.