How update a version of file i'm sharing?

Let say i’m sharing a file of x version of a program but the program get an update so i just need to import the new version of the program or how i can replace the current one i already sharing, so i don’t have the old and the new one eating space in my .IPFS Storage directory?

I just delete the old one from the IPFS Desktop Menu and it will get deleted from the folder too?

PD: I use IPFS Deskrop.

I don’t know if IPFS Desktop have this functionality.
But it’s very easy with the cli, you just unpin or remove it from the MFS.
Then run ipfs repo gc (GC stands for Garbage Collection)

I guess it have the function of PIN and Unpin.

So, when i RUN Garbage what files get deleted, all the ones that aren’t PINNED?

Yes, garbage collection removes everything that is:

  • Not pinned
  • Not in the MFS
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