Upload big amount of data using desktop IPFS with small disk


I have bought backup plane by one of IPFS pinning services which I will use to backup ~90TB of data. Unfortunately I have low experience with IPFS and I need Your help.

By any other clients like FTP it is clear for me how to upload files. Im copy files from my backup storage to the client with internet connection and then Im uploading that files using FTP agent to specified place. Once upload is ready Im deleting all that files in local source folder and Im copy next files extracted from backup… and so on and so on. I`m repeating process.
What about IPFS Desktop ? Using inspect button I see that my file has been pinned several times (so backup is working), then how to delete that file locally on IPFS Desktop client, just to prepare space on local disk for the new files ? Could You please tell me how to do it properly ? In steps if possible.

Thanks for Your support in advance.


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