How we put IPFS in Brave

by Mitch Wagner on 2021-01-21

You may have heard the news: as of release 1.19.86, the Brave browser has officially added InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) support! This work is the result of a multi-year effort to bring the two projects together. In this post, we discuss the process in bringing this collaboration to fruition, and take a look under the hood to see how we accomplished this integration!

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This is all fantastic; congrats! Where can I find some examples of pages or other web apps that are using IPFS in Brave? Do you have a guide for web developers?

Exciting to see IPFS fulfilling it’s potential. Hoping to see similar moves in other browsers soon.

Great stuff. I have been experimenting with it and evangelizing it. It is my hope that this can make it into the Brave Browser for iOS soon.
That would greatly increase the potential audience.
In particular, from a practical point of view, QR Codes make a lot of sense for sharing ipfs:// URLs made from hash codes. This is a natural workflow to use with mobile devices.