IPFS in Brave - Native Access to the Distributed Web

by Dietrich Ayala on 2021-01-19

We are excited to announce that IPFS is now natively supported in the Brave web browser. With over 20 million users, Brave has made the distributed web easily available for the people who need it most. This is the first time a major browser has implemented native support for IPFS, and is a major step towards a more resilient, user-first internet.

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This is definitely a milestone and a very welcome one indeed :trophy::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:🪅

I watched the video on Brave’s site about IPFS but for a hobbyist type ‘technical person’, I still have little more idea of how to set this up nor why I should. I get the basics that they are trying to give the web more freedom by taking away power from the gatekeepers of information, whether corporate or governmental. But I tried installing something, I think the node, and I noticed that Brave had become all but unusable soon afterwards as no pages would load. Whether or not that was related to this ‘node’ I have no idea. But from the video and other Brave pages I see that there is more than a ‘node’ to install but again the information is poorly presented and I’m unable to determine if I had set it up properly before or not. If you want more acceptance of this since the benefits to doing this I probably won’t see for quite awhile, then you need to make this easier to understand and easier to install. FYI, I’m running Manjaro Gnome on a Macbook Pro Retina as my daily driver with Windows running in Virtual Box, so I have some abilities to figure all this out despite not being a ‘technical person’, but right now this more is needed to help folks like myself get onboard.