http://server:8080/ipfs/HASH adds stuff

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place, or I’m being dumb.

I’ve successfully stored some data on ipfs, but when I’m retrieving the data it appears that the server is adding some stuff at the end. In the case of a json blob, this means parsing needs an extra step, and in the case of storing some binary data it’s now not possible to do some sort of pass through (which I’m hoping to do, I’m still fairly new to this).

What am I doing wrong?

Ok. For future note, this looks to be a bug in the wrapper library, sorry for taking up your time!

Can you describe what the bug was that you found?

There is a way to add objects using a --raw-leaves option, but I’m not sure of a way to get around needing the DAG metadata associated with top-level hashes.

The bug was that data written always had a string of letters appended to them, rendering the retrieved data unusable.

The bug was down to a content boundary in the version of available in composer. Using the version from github solves this problem.

I’ve filed an issue with the author suggesting they might want to update the version available via composer.

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