I didin't understand libp2p in IPFS

Hi, i’m a student and i’m writing thesis on IPFS. I’m studying libp2p but i didn’t understand very well what it is. Can someone help me?

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Hi student,

(I’m not part of libp2p project thus I speak for myself)

First thing, you should ask a concrete/solid question. Then, understanding what libp2p does is something you can surely do by yourself, so how about you keep up the good work and bring some interesting questions later? I’m also learning here :smiley: I hope to hear some good points from you

Best regards bro

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You can start by going to https://libp2p.io/, reading the materials and watching the videos.

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Yes I’ve already started to study libp2p but I’ve some doubts. In particular, I read that when a connection is established with a peer the negotiation protocol takes place but I didn’t understand what is negotiated. I also read that libp2p has the purpose of being independent of the transport but how do I choose the transport protocol to use?

Hi @alelib!

I totally feel you. I also had these questions when I started.

Here is a good starting point for understanding the purpose of Libp2p and how you can use a specific protocol by building libp2p bundles:

I really see the need of more articles like these that make the libp2p stack more intuitive than what it is today.

And answering your protocol negotiation question, this is a good(may be a bit too technical) video to understand the life cycle of a Libp2p connection.

There are a lot of these common questions that need to be answered. So, I’m thinking if I could make a list of these questions and then answer them in an article…saving time for everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to list more of your questions here. Also, I may not be active here, so please feel free to handout on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/x2kmUXW