Understanding IPFS in Depth(5/6): What is Libp2p?

Having Hard Time Understanding Libp2p?
I Bet You.
This Article Will Help you a Lot.

What’s it’s Significance, How it works and Building a libp2p Chat Application

In this part, we will discuss:

  • The Significance of Libp2p : What is the philosophy behind it, Why do we need it and Where does it fit into IPFS?
  • How does Libp2p Work? : An In-depth Explanation of all its modules.
  • Playing with Libp2p : Well, It’s always fun to play :blush:

Hope you will learn a lot from this series.


Hi. Would it be possible to move your content away from medium? I can’t read this link because Medium is asking me to create an account. Please consider other publishing platform that don’t have such requirements. Thanks!

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Same comment as @dadepo. Medium is behind a paywall :unamused:. Could you post it to Hacker Noon like the other parts of this series. Great stuff by the way thank you.

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@jhamPac @dadepo Sure. I’ll add this to simpleaswater.com and post the link here ASAP!


@dadepo @jhamPac You might wish to lookup how to bypass paywalls