I spawn a local gateway server with ipfs-http-gateway in a ipfs-core app, and it doesn't work properly

I have a Node.js app running ipfs-core, and on that app I spawn a local gateway server with ipfs-http-gateway. This is my configuration and spawning of the node:

import { create } from 'ipfs-core';
const IPFS = (() => {
  let IPFSInstance = undefined;

  const createInstance = async () => {
    return await create({
      config: {
        Addresses: {
          Gateway: '/ip4/',

  return {
    getInstance: async () => {
      if (!IPFSInstance) IPFSInstance = await createInstance();
      return IPFSInstance;

export default IPFS;

And this is how I spawn the gateway server somewhere else in my app:

  import { HttpGateway } from 'ipfs-http-gateway';
  import IPFS from './create-ipfs.js';

  const ipfs = await IPFS.getInstance();
  const IpfsHttpGateway = new HttpGateway(ipfs);

The server spawns, and I can see it bind with port 9090. If I take a CID like the one at the bottom of this page (the CID is: QmWCscor6qWPdx53zEQmZvQvuWQYxx1ARRCXwYVE4s9wzJ) which is a file with a text “You did it!” and call the local gateway server spawned by my app in my browser like this: localhost:9090/ipfs/QmWCscor6qWPdx53zEQmZvQvuWQYxx1ARRCXwYVE4s9wzJ , I get the file. But if from another node, I add a file with IPFS Desktop for example, I can get the file through a public gateway server like ipfs.io, but I cannot get it through the local gateway server spawned by my app. Shouldn’t the local gateway server work with all CID’s? What am I doing wrong?