In need of more info regarding IPFS & Filecoin

Hey guys, we need more information & thoughts on these issues! It is significant to us. We’ve been using IPFS for obvious reasons, and understanding these questions may greatly ease our future program decision making.
Please help us with IPFS-Filecoin relationship, and the following questions

  1. How to view/search nodes address(near me) listing regarding Filecoin?
  2. Does it generate bill every time for a series of visits/multiple visits on the same file through Filecoin? In what circumstances exactly does Filecoin charge?
  3. If we have installed command-line from IPFS, do we need to install go-filecoin when Filecoin is launched(ends testing)? What is the appropriate way to understand the relationship between IPFS and Filecoin? Like, will Filecoin bond with IPFS in any possible way? Can we transfer our data to Filecoin directly/easily? Or any facilities or benefits?

Any thoughts?

These questions are more about Filecoin than about IPFS. You’ll get a better answer on

woooooo…I don’t even know it. THX~