Filecoin Status

Do we have any update about Filecoin?
What is the status? Should we still believe in it or switch our mind to something else?

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Same concerns here. I just found out about it after being informed about IPFS well enough, and sounds like a great supporting tool for IPFS, yet not even a GitHub repo is set up.

Is Protocol Labs too busy to work on both technologies simultaneously?

It would be nice to know that, just to understand if we should keep waiting and waiting, or if we should consider to use Ethereum Swarm. I am saying this as a Developer choosing technologies

Though believing in it may not be the right term. I’ll believe in source code and whitepapers!

Having more ways to get involved than waiting for newsletters would be swell.

Hello, understand the frustration and desire for some news. we have big announcements coming in the next two weeks. :slight_smile: Some will go out today.