Are there any alternatives to filecoin

Hey guys, Im aware that filcoin is one attempt to build the economic layer on top of IPFS. Are there any other that are doing important work in this space?

Ethereum’s Swarm has split off and is working on an economic incentive layer.

Hello, this is the IPFS forum, not the Filecoin discussion forum ( Given there are a number of more appropriate venues, we try to keep Filecoin-related discussions out of it.

Also, Filecoin is not really “on top” of IPFS although many people seem to be confused about this.

I seen 2 projects but they both in design phase. I don’t think they will be finished or at least in beta because file coin is making good progress. If will be found later that file coin is unsuitable for some use cases then we might seen such projects implemented.

There is a prototype connecting ipfs data storage with scuttlebutt and duniter libre currency.
2 years struggling with IPFS… And how I succeed using it with ScuttleButt!