Which data sharing protocol is better?

Hi everyone,

I wish to store some files on the net with javascript code. I want some ideas to compare IPFS, Swarm and FileCoin for storing data.Which one of them is useful and better for this purpose?

Also how much is the cost of storing data in each of these protocols?

And How should I be sure that whether the files will be duplicated on other people’s disks? And if so, do other people’s file get stored on our system,too?

Thanks in advance,

hi we.are,

in first time IPFS is a protocol : https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs. that define how to works.

IPFS swarm just a project to manage interaction between peers on a same network : https://ipfs.io/docs/commands/#ipfs-swarm

Filecoin : is a crypto currency create permit persons have disk space and content creator need to share a content on IPFS. For the moment i know protocol.io reach guys for that.

So in your case Filecoin can correspond your needs.