RSS for Protocol Lab's blog?

Protocol Lab’s has a nice blog but as far as I can tell they don’t support RSS. Did I miss the link for the RSS feed?? So I have no way of noticing new information other than when something interesting appears on Hacker News like it did today.

I had hoped that this site would mirror those blog posts in the Announcement category so I could just subscribe to that and get notified but that isn’t happening either.

How should I be keeping up with IPFS/Filecoin? Twitter seems to be the main approach but that is too much noise to filter.


No, currently the blog over at does not support RSS but we should. I’ll leave a update here once we support it.

To not miss any Filecoin news, I would suggest you to sign up to the mailing list over at (which can be seen under the link “Sign up for the newsletter” in the top right)

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