Internet Version 2


I’ve been developing a system on top of IPFS which would allow for dynamic data transfer/website hosting. You can say it’s kind of like Blockchain, and it has its similarities, but not quite the same.
I’m also developing a Web Browser on top of it to allow for faster and easier hosting and processing.
I know ZeroNet exists and that it’s a pretty good system for making a purely p2p internet, but I thought making on top of IPFS and without currency integration in a separate browser might be interesting.
Any thoughts on it? Would it be appreciated or used in the community?

Thank you

Sounds pretty similar to what the Blockstack project is doing, to name one. What will be different about your project? Do you have source code available?

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The discussion you referenced seems to be more focused on the database support and not as much on the fact that every time a website holder changes their website even the slightest bit, the address to the website changes as well, and when a user goes to that website, they will most probably see the last version of it. If there was an easy tree system which was updated every time the owner of the website updated the file with the tree being on many systems as they visit different websites then it would be a completely dynamic system for IPFS.
I do not have published code yet, I’ve been working out some of its bugs and trying to change the network to pubsub (which I’m writing a question about as of this post).
The idea is basically to have the name of the website with its owner and a reference hash of it stored as one node on the distributed tree.