IPFS Abuse response


I emailed the abuse link at ipfs and was directed to this forum to ask by Héctor Sanjuán.

I am doing some investigating on potential abuse within the world of NFT’s and Web3.

If for example a jealous ex were to mint sexually explicit “revenge porn” as an NFT, and you were contacted, would you be able to block access to those images?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you

Remember IPFS is not fully censorship resistant, is it just hard to censor.
You can easily find out the nodes IP addresses that are storing the file with given CID. And take legal action against those. (ISP will have the details of person to whom the IP was assigned). And then once you take down all the nodes that are hosting the content. The content is gone forever.
Users can mask their IP addresses with VPN, in such case it becomes very much difficult to find out who is storing the content.

Only data stored on our nodes or data served through our gateways. As noname said above, you’d have to take legal action to get it off other nodes.

Think of IPFS as a distributed HTTP, there’s no way for the HTTP devs to remove data from other people’s servers, same as IPFS, we can’t remove data from other people’s nodes.

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Thank you both. Very Helpful

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