Discussing if personal identifiable and damaging data for bad purpose can be stopped?

Hi All, It is known that sometimes due to reasons people upload images and documents about a victim and try to extort them saying that they will release that to public. So for caching it safely they can use ipfs and pin it on few devices and share with their accomplices. Later they may recover it and put it on internet publicly. Or maybe use it to share such things as company documents with each other, like marketing and pricing and trade data.

Does ipfs have any way to avoid such data or files. I know internet allows that but can ipfs be better than the internet in stopping hate.
Because ipfs is not widely used for sharing once that starts all sorts of manifesto may be shared here.

IPFS is a decentralized PUBLIC network. If some bad guy operate on it finding them can be done BUT it does not means content can be censored.

The “virality” of the content directly correlate with censorship resistance in this case and to my understanding criminals don’t really want to be known or operate “in the light” so to speak.

In the case of blackmail, I can’t believe most would be interested in such data except maybe famous people scandals.

My 0.02$

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