Questions for understanding if there are any limitations to IPFS


I was wondering, is there any conceptual guarantee that IPFS will exist forever? Can it store as much data as humans want to store for the rest of history? In this regard, how does it compare to other projects like Filecoin or the likes?


Is all data stored on IPFS default public, or can some be private?



Edit: I might as well add the question. How is IPFS comparing to Filecoin overall? Is Filecoin becoming a better system because it has economic incentives? I guess I better also ask that question on Filecoins forums as well. :slight_smile: , The videos I’ve watched on IPFS talk about how some files may cease to be accessible because it’s possible for the nodes storing that file to go offline, and with Filecoin, there’s at least a financial incentive for nodes with the file to stay online perpetually. Thoughts?

Its’ a common misconception that IPFS will magically store your data. It won’t. It’s your responsibility but other on the network can easily help you if they want the data too.

Viral content MAY live forever but your grandma’s pics not so much.

Filecoin add $ to the mix. It can be used to archive data and the $ payed gives you good guaranties.

IPFS is a public network that gives you pseudonymity but not privacy.

Hope it helps!