IPFS and Project Gemini

IPFS is (I think) a perfect solution for Gemini hosting. If you might have some ideas on how to help this along, please do post some links, offer some suggestions, join us in discussion at one of the channels listed at the end of this post.

Gemini Project

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a new application-level internet protocol for the distribution of arbitrary files, with some special consideration for serving a lightweight hypertext format which facilitates linking between files. You may think of Gemini as “the web, stripped right back to its essence” or as “Gopher, souped up and modernised just a little”, depending upon your perspective (the latter view is probably more accurate). Gemini may be of interest to people who are:

  • Opposed to the web’s ubiquitous tracking of users
  • Tired of nagging pop-ups, obnoxious adverts, autoplaying videos and other misfeatures of the modern web
  • Interested in low-power computing and/or low-speed networks, either by choice or necessity

Gemini is intended to be simple, but not necessarily as simple as possible. Instead, the design strives to maximise its “power to weight ratio”, while keeping its weight within acceptable limits. Gemini is also intended to be very privacy conscious, to be difficult to extend in the future (so that it will stay simple and privacy conscious), and to be compatible with a “do it yourself” computing ethos. For this last reason, Gemini is technically very familiar and conservative: it’s a protocol in the traditional client-server request-response paradigm, and is built on mature, standardised technology like URIs, MIME media types, and TLS.

Why would IPFS be great for Gemini?
Gemini is primarily a text based environment. It is half-way between Gopher and HTTP. Most people use it to create simple blogs which lack the tracking and adverts found on ordinary HTTP sites. Pinning text on IPFS is incredibly affordable, and IPFS offers many other huge advantages, like self hosting and survivability. Think how much effort and knowledge was lost with the end of GeoCities. Lets not let that happen to Geminispace.

How can I explore Gemini?
You need a client, for example:
Amfora (terminal)

Gemini Project hangouts:
https://tilde.chat #gemini (official)
https://web.libera.chat/ #gemini
Gemini Chat
Gemini Mailing list
Aether (https://getaether.net)

It would be nice if IPFS gateways support Gemini and Gemini browsers support IPFS!

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I did this a while ago:


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This is cool, @hector. I hope you create a video demonstrating the download, installation, configuration and running of the gemini-ipfs-gateway and add it to your page, to encourage more people to try it.

Galacteek is superb and now supports IPFS with Gemini:

Just added support for hosting IPFS Gemini capsules (i call them gems) in galacteek, the protocol works via P2P streams.

AppImage with IPFS-Gemini bridging. You have to create a gem from the pyramids toolbar.