A few questions about future of ipfs in operating systems

  1. How can ipfs works on kernel level? I mean as networking driver in Linux/Windows/*BSD kernel.

  2. Now we use http server and rest api to use ipfs. But if ipfs want to get rid of http, how can it work without http gateway? This question is connected with previous one.

  3. Everyone, who writes some ipfs program, thinks that daemon will be listening on standard port. But what if ipfs interferes with another daemon, and I will change the port on which ipfs daemon is listening? Could it be possible to use unix socket on, let’s say, /run/ipfs/ipfs.sock? I can use php-fpm this way, and I really like it. It may be connected to two previous questions.

  4. How can I see my files in file explorer? I know I can add file with –nocopy flag, but what if I’m pinning from remote? To be honest, ipfs mount never worked for me. I started to write program and library which can mitigate this problem, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I’m not the best developer and still learning. You can find it here https://github.com/Efdecjanie/ipfs-db.

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Checkout the Brave Browser plugin that access file with the ipfs:// itself - IPFS based browser


hello cyfral,

we are some developpers to create some project like your propal :