Implementation in PHP

I’m trying to understand the difference between the various implementations in languages. Ideally, I’m looking to find a PHP API, but also to understand how this works on a higher level.

There appear to be some APIs written for PHP, including the above, which basically seem to take the IPFS server location on the local network, and then effectively make HTTP requests on the local network to the API on the IPFS server. Does this mean I need a separate IPFS server installed on my local network to make this PHP run, and if so, what server implementation should I use?


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If it’s called “API” then it is probably a thin wrapper over the HTTP API the IPFS daemon provides.

The typical setup for using that would be to run a daemon locally and let your PHP program talk to it using that library.

Normally the Go daemon is the best option, unless your environment has some limitation.

Thanks, yes, that setup works perfectly well. As long as there’s a local daemon (I’m using go on a Raspberry PI), it works, which is fine for me at the moment.

Is there a way to list all files you’ve shared on your IPFS instance? I uploaded some yesterday to test, but I didn’t make a copy of the hashes.