Local api server performance

I’m running an go-IPFS daemon on my server, and I’d like to request 2000 small files through it as fast as I can.My application code is written in JS and Python, my question is:

  1. Should I request local RPC api or local http gateway in my code? which performs better?
  2. How many concurrency can the local server handle? Is there any best practice? like running a Nginx server before it?

Hi @wong2, I wasn’t able to find performance testing done by community before. However, I believe the go-ipfs + RPC API will be faster than using Go-ipfs-http-api method. The go-ipfs-http-api is also experimental and the older slower version is recommended right now.

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What do you mean by RPC API? Isn’t the api also using HTTP protocol?

I meant to say HTTP RPC API yes it is via HTTP.