Are requests local first?

I am wondering how IPFS requests are made: if my deamon is looking for a piece of content that is close (as close in the network) to me, let’s say it exists in my local network, will IPFS prioritize this? In other terms? How green is IPFS compared to http or other P2P file systems?
I couln’t find any information on this topic, and I would be happy to learn more.

IPFS will ask all connected peers first. It will also try to ask peers that respond faster before asking peers that take longer to respond. This should query local peers more often.

However, if you want to answer the question: Is go-ipfs (or js-ipfs) currently more “green” than HTTP? The answer is a resounding NO. The current IPFS implementations are not nearly as efficient as HTTP. The eventual goal is to be more efficient but we’re not there yet.

Thank you for your answer @stebalien