Ipfs recourses from cloudflare or other sources?

I am testing ipfs for some images that are hosted with cloudflare-ipfs.com.
like this:
but when I use ipfs locally and this resource gets redirected to it takes a long time (if ever t load).

is there a way to somehow add the cloudflare-ipfs.com as a source to get files from to local ipfs? or any other http oriented source.

in torrent world we have web-seeds. so I am asking something like that for this scenario.

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The fact that its taking a long time to load could be for a variety of reasons, such as issues caused by NAT, your node being poorly connected and taking awhile to find the content.

There’s quite a few different gateways that can be used to load content from that can act as other “web seeds”. If you’re looking for a list of these gateways check out https://ipfs.github.io/public-gateway-checker/

If you want to find out the peerIDs of people providing that kind content, you can use commands like ipfs dht findprovs, then when you have the peerID you can run ipfs dht findpeer and get the multiaddr’s for that particular peer. When you have the multiaddr+peerID, you can then issue a swarm commection using ipfs swarm connect, and you should be able to load the content faster.

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maybe I said it wrong.
I meant as a “webseed” to be used parallel to local one so that the local one first searches the webseeds then the dht.
so that when It sees a resource like if first searches for ipfs/QmbsJD3CxCw3gHdrQ4XwgSwdqrMiFCNe8dyQgd9yTCpEqZ/vlcsnap-2019-04-28-23h35m51s427.png on the couldflare one and then if not found it tries the dht one.

I understand that there are public gateways.
I am asking for a way for combine them with my local node so that my local instance first searches from them then from dht.
like a torrent tracker scrabed first then if not there on the public dht torrents.

I hope I conveyed my point.

Ah okay I get what you’re saying now. unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way to really do that with go-ipfs, beyond ensuring you are connected to the node first, so that you can make the dht search process faster.

If you want to get your hands dirty, you could use something like https://github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-daemon or https://github.com/hsanjuan/ipfs-lite and enable this kind of functonality, but there is no current way to do this.