IPFS having problems exposing API on ChromeOS

hello everyone!

a recent update for chromebooks has been released which allows a select few of laptops to run a linux virtual machine in ChromeOS, so naturally the first thing i did after setting it up was install IPFS
IPFS seems to work fine after chmodding the necessary values to the binary, and i can even browse sites on my local node
my problem is that while my gateway is exposed and working, my API doesn’t seem to be exposed, as i cannot access it from my browser by going to localhost:5001/webui, nor by the IPFS companion extention, they both return 404 errors (well, the latter doesn’t, but the former does)
is there any way for me to expose the API, or is this impossible to do?
if you need any specs or screenshots, just ask and i will provide them
the chromebook i am using is a Samsung Chromebook Plus v1