IPFS Circuit relay connected to node under NAT but cant access files

Circtuit relay is there and when i access file from that node under NAT it does not come as direct connection is not being established. Help?
“ID”: “12D3KooWFvh8VtXohvWxKj9LtWTAXhcBKRe4gcRu1vjDjw2vTvZK”,
“PublicKey”: “CAESIFrFC8buOlWGmPj/Iyo9WNDBc0Zo/i8whneR1Rur+0BG”,
“Addresses”: [
“AgentVersion”: “kubo/0.29.0/”,
“Protocols”: [
this is the reult when i ipfs id the node under NAT but files hosted on that NAT is not coming as direct connection might not be happening. Why is it not doin , circtuit relay should make a connection by telling node under NAT to send conn req to the noce asking for file and then file should be accessable