Ipfs-cluster add file issue

and anyone knows if I can add a file via port 9095 from a remote machine?

The correct way to do this depends on your setup. Assuming you’re not on a trusted network, I’d create an SSH tunnel to the target machine and forward the appropriate port (IPFS usually uses 5001 for the API but you coud use 9095 if you want).

If you really want to do this without SSH (no encryption, no authentication), you can tell IPFS to expose the API on, e.g., /ip4/ (all network interfaces, port 9095) by calling ipfs config Addresses.API /ip4/ and restarting IPFS. You’ll then be able to connect to the API remotely by using ipfs --api /ip4/YOUR_REMOTE_IP/tcp/9095 add 123.txt.

Actually, I think I may be missing some context here. What precisely are you trying to do, what have you tried, and what happened?

Ah, cluster. You can either use the SSH forwarding method (safer) or configure cluster to listen on a non-local address and then connect to it via ipfs --api /ip4/REMOTE_IP/tcp/9095 ....

thanks,I just want to one node pin the file automatically from the other node.

Q2:why a cid is always pinning but not be pinned…

Hey @Tim, we’ll check that out, might be a bug: https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs-cluster/issues/224

In the meantime, try adding with -q or with --progress=false at least.

thank you
but I met a problem, I add a file by this cmd: " ipfs --api /ip4/ add 123.txt " , and the node A I upload the file shows

the other node B shows
but 1h left, I still cant read file if A is down…how to transfer status pinning to pinned…