Ipfs-cluster equivalent for swarm connect?

Is there any equivalent to ipfs “swarm connect” and “dht findpeer” in ipfs-cluster?
to manually open and close connections to other ipfs-cluster peers can I use ipfs functions and put the cluster id?
I can use ipfs swarm connect and connect to a cluster-id, however, all dials fail when I use bootstrap in ipfs-cluster-service for the same cluster-id

You need to use the peer_addresses in the configuration or the peerstore file to manually provide other peer’s addresses.

Cluster usually will keep connections to those cluster peers open. In larger clusters it may not need to keep all connection open unless it needs to establish them.

Then you are likely using the wrong multiaddress or the wrong cluster secret. ipfs swarm connect should not be able to connect to a cluster peer’s swarm port ( :9096) unless you have no cluster_secret set, or you used the same cluster secret for ipfs private swarm and cluster (something not easy).