IPFS Companion CORS on Javascript Fetch

I’m having some trouble with the fetch operation and the IPFS companion local node redirect. The fetch operation for a purely text file fails with a CORS issue ( tags don’t have this issue). This is not an issue when using the public gateway and so I added the “?x-ipfs-companion-no-redirect” option to the end of the url. Of course this doesn’t cache on the local IPFS node making it more available on the network etc, etc. Any ideas or insights as to how I can fix this?

Over the years both Firefox and Chrome changed the rules of the webRequest game and we had regressions like this. Could also be due to the way you execute fetch.

Difficult to tell without a code snippet and browser version.
Mind sharing those details by filling an issue at https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs-companion/issues?

Sure thing, I’ll open an issue there with more info