Trouble with content availability on public gateways from js-ipfs

Are folks using js-ipfs here / has anyone run into issues recently with peer discovery? Up until a few days ago this example was working (found linked in a Github issue), but now it does not anymore:

The expected behavior here is for the IPFS public gateway to be able to fetch the file and display it, but it seems the gateway is never able to discover the file.

I’m seeing the same behavior with a local js-ipfs node running in NodeJS (was working recently with the Websocket swarm but does not anymore).


Hi Roneil,

Thank you for the report and sharing an example. It seems this is in fact a known issue on the IPFS Infrastructure, being tracked at

We are working to get it solved ASAP.

Thanks for your help David! Wasn’t sure if we were doing something wrong or if there was a greater issue when I submitted this. Will keep an eye on that issue