Ipfs content serving slow with pinned content

I am using IPFS for webapp publishing.

I use ipfs-cluster to distribute new releases from gitlab pipelines and content is pinned at release time.

The ipfs content gateway is used to serve the sites that are locally pinned, the content is 100% local.

The content delivery, under the circumstances, is very slow with multiple assets taking 4 to 10 seconds.

I obviously expect similar performance to statically hosted content.

I have the feeling that this issue could be ipfs-cluster related as initial tests with IPFS only would render instantly.

Here is a sample site http://beta.privaz.io

Also even if a request is served quickly the next request for the same asset may be slow.

What is going on?

How can I debug this?

Is there anyway to improve the performance of my particular use case?

I found the problem: my servers have 2 dns entries and the first was wrong.

Seems like the content server, which depends on TXT entries to find out CIDs needs quality DNS… and does not cache entries.

Glad you found it.

Cluster does not play a part in your ipfs gateway performance, it just tells ipfs what to pin.

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