IPFS websites are really slow if I have local ipfs running

So I have noticed this weird thing where IPFS websites are really slow if I have local IPFS node running. Happens on windows as well as Mac OS.

I have tried with various websites running on IPFS. It’s like it is loading the whole thing before even showing me the home page. It is not a problem with the systems. The same websites if opened in an incognito tab open really fast. That makes the whole thing seem really weird if someone tries to have local IPFS locally hoping it will make things faster.

You mean websites accessed through IPFS? I assume you’re using the IPFS companion? I assume that when you run in incognito mode, the IPFS companion extension is disabled?

I am not sure how to put it exactly.

I have IPFS companion extension in Google Chrome. It is set to redirect to my local IPFS gateway. Any website that says it is built on IPFS when opened with the extension enabled is slow.

When I go incognito the IPFS companion extension is disabled. The same website loads almost instantly when not using the extension.

So, if using the IPFS companion extension means “through IPFS” then I meant slow when accessed “through IPFS”.

Got it. The issue is likely content routing. Unfortunately, finding out who has the content on the IPFS network is currently very slow. See

So the companion is not working correctly then. Any way to get it to work in the future?