IPFS Desktop in a Private IPFS network issue!

I don’t know if I should ask this question here, but we are in the process of using IPF Desktop on Linux, Windows and Mac. However, we get the message on Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop “privateNetworkDialog.title , privateNetworkDialog.message” not really a clear message.

After much searching we find out that IPFS Desktop does not support Private IPFS networks.

Can this be fixed with a setting or is it a bug? Many customers want a Private IPFS setup in their organization!

Can this be fixed?

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It looks like there’s an open issue about this: IPFS Desktop should support private IPFS networks (via swarm.key) · Issue #2834 · ipfs/ipfs-desktop · GitHub

I would suggest you reply to that issue with the version of IPFS Desktop you are running and any other relevant information.

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