IPFS failed to determine local gateway


I am new to IPFS.

So i installed on Ubuntu 16.04LTS and got everything running.

i can access localhost:5001/webui.
Peers are very connected.

But when i copy the Hash to the https://ipfs.io/ipfs/-- prefix,
I get an error of "Failed to connect to local gateway, and “Failed to get local version of IPFS”,“Is the daemon running?”.

Yes the daemon is running.

The browser console shows a lot of errors about mixed content and https related errors.

How do I get it to work?


We’re missing a few crucial pieces of information:

  1. Are you using the browser companion?
  2. What “errors”?


I have just installed browser companion on Firefox.

I switched the gate way to public gateway and copied the URL into the browser, it still says unable to connect to IPFS gateway.

In the daemon i get this error:
14:35:23.889 ERROR mdns: mdns lookup error: failed to bind to any multicast udp port mdns.go:139

Is this a firewall issue or am I missing out on some other important step?