IPFS File Naming Tools

People may wish to make their content available through IPFS hash and also through HTTP on a website for example.

What tools are available which, when the file is created, both generate an IPFS hash and allocate it to the file alongside a human readable file name?

Here are two examples:

If somebody creates a video file which they wish to publish on the Internet using both IPFS and HTTP, at the moment the file is first saved to disk, a name for the file will be requested, and at the same time, an IPFS hash will be generated and somehow incorporated into the file name. Something like this:


Example 2:
Somebody has many funny cat videos saved to their disk. All the videos have sensible names but nothing indicating their IPFS hash:
FunnyCat3. mkv
and the unforgettable

The plan is to upload these videos to the internet. IPFS Desktop rapidly allocates all the files an IPFS hash, and publishes them on IPFS. What is missing is that on the webpage where people come to look at the cat videos, there is no indication that the file is also available via IPFS. Visitors just see the HTML file name. It would require repetitive, manual filename renaming to incorporate the IPFS hash, or the addition of a file description field, which would include the IPFS hash, which doesn’t integrate the filename with the hash.

I think you can indicate the IPFS availability with some HTTP header wizardry. I can’t remember which one, though.
And the client (browser, etc) have to understand the hint and act accordingly, of course.

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Here is a potential way for doing that:

Another one is to include it in the file’s metadata, I guess.

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Akita, this is exactly what I wanted! That software is top quality by the look of it, very well considered. It handles IPNS and TOR too. Thank you very much!

More people should become familiar with Alt-Svc.