Naming IPFS Files

I have a query regarding the naming system in IPFS. Is it possible to name the files human friendly just like in Named Data Networking (NDN) using IPNS?

Based on what I could figure out about NDN in 5 minutes, I think the answer is yes. However, the paths URIs aren’t the same.

In IPFS, all you need to do in IPFS to preserve human-friendly file names is to wrap them in directories.

Here’s an example of a file with a human-friendly name using IPFS/IPNS: /ipns/

The immutable IPFS hash of this file would be: /ipfs/QmUfT8bq57tMUUFk1Hno6Vov4oNpJsEp9MPgtSz2gYCMAy/filecoin.pdf. The filename is still human-friendly, but the difference is that we’re using the IPFS hash directly rather than pointing a human-friendly domain name to the immutable hash.

So the question for me is, how do you remember that QmUfT8bq57tMUUFk1Hno6Vov4oNpJsEp9MPgtSz2gYCMAy refers to some files that you care about… and I think the answer is “you don’t”. ipfs files gives you a mechanism for relating IPFS hashes to human-friendly paths.

That’s my understanding as well.