Testing a PoC for human-friendly file sharing

I have recently published a concept in an issue now on ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-webui, where I discuss the issue of human friendly file sharing links through IPFS.

If you are interested in the concept, consider reading my issue for further details.

I have now implemented a Proof of Concept,
that should make it possible to share a File through IPFS with a human friendly name.

I ask anyone reading this, to please consider testing this PoC available on GitLab .

Thank you.

[1] - Issue on ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-webui
[2] - GitLab Repository

I have added a README where I introduce the concept and then give a little documentation for how sharing a file under a human friendly name through IPFS using this PoC should ideally work.

Any feedback on this file is welcome as well.