IPFS gateway garbage collection

I am running an IPFS gateway read-only on an independent server. Facing issue with automatic garbage collection. Garbage collection does not get triggered and the disk storage gets fully occupied. The StorageMax is defiled and StorageGCWatermark is also set. Plus daemon is running with --enable-gc.

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I am also facing the same issue with read-only gateway. Storage is getting full and after that gateway is going unresponsive for content requests.
Somebody plz help.

Got it - GC Period default is set to 1h. Every 1-hour IPFS checks if the threshold limit exceeds and the storage gets filled before GC runs. Thanks to Jorropo for helping me out.

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I couldn’t understand. What did you do exactly?

In the Data Store of config file change GC Period from 1 hour to more frequent like 5m.