Ipfs get fails with "tar has invalid root"

I am trying to ipfs get a 3 gb file. The get completes very quickly (which makes me think that I already have most of the blocks locally) but then fails with

Error: contains more than one root or the root directory is not the first entry : tar has invalid root

I haven’t had much luck finding this error in google or in the go-ipfs repo. My desktop client reports that I’m hosting 2GB of data (despite only having one small file in the ‘files’ tab) which increases my suspicion that I have most of the blocks.

What is the cause of this error, and can anything be done to correct it?

Doesn’t your go-ipfs client and daemon version missmatch ?

That’s an interesting thought. I’m not sure how that would happen since I downloaded the ipfs desktop app and I believe both the go-ipfs client and the daemon are coming from that. The desktop app says its agent is go-ipfs v.0.9.1, which is the same thing I see from ipfs --version. Is there a way I can check this?