IPFS http client not working out of the box

I’ve just installed the ipfs-http-client through NPM (using node v10.15), and out of the box following along with the code here:

I get the following error:
/node_modules/ipfs-http-client/src/pin/add-all.js: Unexpected token, expected “;” (27:18)
if (pin.Pins) { // non-streaming response
for (const cid of pin.Pins) {
yield new CID(cid)

Bit confused as this seems to be correct JS syntax? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Node 10 isn’t supported any more - please use either the Current or LTS release - v15 or v14 at the time or writing.

Ah perfect, thank you so much for clarifying that!

Unfortunately, even after upgrading to 14.15.0, and then 15.0.1 right after, the issue seems to persist

Can you please paste the full output from the command? There may be something else wrong here.