Ipfs-http-client npm with REACT does not work

Hi there, I am currently trying to get the ipfs-http-client npm package to work with Node 18 and react. It worked all fine with Node 16 and it works all fine with a plain ipfs-http-client project without node. But somehow I just cannot get both to work… This guy seems to be having the same issues.
Downgrading to an older ipfs-http-client version did not help.
The weird thing about it: On my colleague’s MAC everything works fine. But not so on my Windows 11 / my Windows 10 / my Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Those are all the packages:

I have also added the node_modules folder to the Windows PATH variable and rebooted.
I have deleted node_modules several times and npm installed
I have cleared the cache several times
I have downgraded the ipfs-http-client to version 33 with no change
Can anyone help or has solved something like that?

the packages:

Actually I found a solution to this problem.
It seems that there are so called “Polyfills” now missing in Webpack5, which is used in React nowadays.

If you are working with React/Angular/Vue AND IPFS, then you should follow those steps to remove the polyfills errors:

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