IPFS Image Gallery

The Quanta platform has this feature capability yes, but the instance I have running is currently for development mainly and not for actual consumer use. I’m currently looking for investors/funding to turn Quanta into a genuine pay-for-storage pinning service, but for now maybe other pinning services can do a gallery… An image gallery is about the most basic thing you’d expect to find in any decent pinning service, in my opinion.

Sorry but I didn’t found anything near appropriate.

I like https://slate.host a lot

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Thanks, but what I was asking for is a web app/service to visualize existing images on IPFS.

Oh, like, scrolling the images added by the other nodes?
Not sure this exists yet.

wclayf, Quanta is going well.

What is the licence and where can we download the software to run an instance of our own? At the moment it seems it is only available through that http link.

I should probably start publishing a docker image. It builds and deploys as docker (compose), but you’d have to build it from source right now. In other words I need to create also a set of instructions a non-developer could use to install it. I’m glad you reminded me that!

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Hi, wclayf! Thanks for all your work on the excellent Quanta. (More people should take a look, it is definitely worth it.) Have you decided a licence for Quanta yet?

Apart from Docker, you probably know AppImage, which is great, and also there is:



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I am developing a galley or image viewer web app which takes an IPFS folder (and optionally configs) and display the content in a gallery interface. I bet this is what you need. Will share here when it is done.


Thank you for this! I look forward to seeing it!

Cloudron is an excellent platform for hosting web-facing applications. It allows people to deploy with just one click. If you have a Docker image, you are largely there.

There is a live demo where you can quickly experience how useful it is.

What is the latest on applications for publishing images on IPFS?

In particular, what Free Software is available to self-host, pin and share images using IPFS?