IPFS Implementation for publication of decentralized peer review

Hi All, I wanted to share that I created an application and api for the “decentralized” peer review of scholarly editions, which you can view here: https://dll-review-registry.digitallatin.org/
and I published a little article about it and my use of IPFS at DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Decoupling Quality Control and Publication: The Digital Latin Library and the Traveling Imprimatur..

I would be interested to hear any one’s thoughts, comments, questions, and (constructive and positively articulated) criticism.

There are probably lots of things that can be improved, but I’m excited to see it working.

The peer review system is built in collaboration with the DigitalLatin Library and three Academic Societies, the Medieval Academy of America, the Society for Classical Studies, and the Renaissance Society of America.

We’ve already had the data of two “editions” peer reviewed by the Medieval Academy of America.

As the article explains, when an edition is considered reviewed, source data is pinned to an IPFS node and a PGP clear signed certificate is created which is itself pinned to an ipfs node. Then, A signed source data file where it is found on the IPFS network can always be verified via the reviewing society’s public key.

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