Ipfs.io seems to work inconsistently?

I uploaded a file with jsipfs myfile.txt

I got the hash, and I went to ipfs.io/ipfs/<hash>

The page is taking forever to load.

I tried uploading another file, but this time I was able to view it via the ipfs.io gateway.

Why is the behavior inconsistent? Both files were super small (about 50 bytes).

Use https://jorropo.ovh/ :smile:
More seriously, ipfs.io is the official gateway of protocol, it is used a lot so it is not particularly fast (that a cluster of nodes but still).
If performance is a problem for you could either :

  • Adds some client side (in browser) load balancing and use more than one gateway (example here) if the browser doesn’t support that feature for your file you can add this with https://webtorrent.io/ (setting a webseed for each gateway), note that webtorrent have the advantage that clients will exchange shards beetween them (there is no direct ipfs to torrent compatiblity, just add the file on ipfs, then create a torrent for the same file and add webseeds (http servers hosting a copy of the file) where there is gateway/ipfsCID)
  • Run your own gateway (expensive, not as easy ?)
  • Run an embedded node in your app (very hard to do in browser, easier in system (such as a golang app) but not as user friendly).

PS: You can find more gateways at : https://ipfs.github.io/public-gateway-checker/