Ipfs/java-ipfs-api minimal version check critical error

Since the version v0.4.10, the java-ipfs-api library is no longer usable.
In cause the following code :

       try {
            String ipfsVersion = version();
            String[] parts = ipfsVersion.split("\\.");
            String[] minParts = MIN_VERSION.split("\\.");
            if (parts[0].compareTo(minParts[0]) < 0
                    || parts[1].compareTo(minParts[1]) < 0
                    || parts[2].compareTo(minParts[2]) < 0)
                throw new IllegalStateException("You need to use a more recent version of IPFS! >= " + MIN_VERSION);
        } catch (IOException e) {
            throw new RuntimeException(e);

See pull request : ipfs/java-ipfs-api#29

The library is not compatible with version v0.4.10 while this issue is not fixed.

Just to highlight: it is due to improper version comparison in java-ipfs-api.
Best path to solve would be to use proper semver lib.

Does someone plan to do something ? The IPFS version 0.4.10 cannot be used with the API.

Should be fixed now if using latest source from master.

I’ve pushed fixes for this, and added a few more methods, to master.