IPFS local network only without swarming to public internet

I want to use IPFS for data replication within a local network. What I need is a local network only instance which does not send data to the public internet. How does such a setup look like? I have set PublicIPNetwork: false, to the dht config and I have configured mDNS discovery and given no bootstrap nodes. What else is needed?

I know that there is a question from 2018 and also a document but since 2018 maybe things are simpler now.

  • What is "Addresses": { "Swarm": [...] What must be inside the ellipsis? A priori no other addresses are known in my case. mDNS should do it.
  • What is the meaning of LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET?
  • What about the port 5001 and 4001 and UPnP? This also has to be disabled in the firewall?
  • Is there in the meantime an easy flag all handling a private network?

I’m using orbitdb on top of it.

Probably also relevant:
Routing.Type - custom

You should look into this:

How to do this in a program with Helia?