🌌 IPFS Measurement Report - 2023 Week 21 - 2023-05-22

We have created a new IPFS measurement report for calendar week 20 in 2023 from 2023-05-22 to 2023-05-29 . You can find it here:

Notable things:

  • The network grew once again, levelling at 32k peers

Other observations:

  • there’s a 25% increase in the number of Unique IP Addresses seen compared to the beginning of May.
  • I’m wondering why the new peers that join use kubo-v0.18 and not the latest. Maybe they’re old peers that just turned on their machines again.
  • Surprising uptime of kubo-v0.18 nodes with 50% of nodes staying in the network for at least 24 hours! :tada:
  • Lots of websites are loading faster through kubo compared to http :tada:
  • Good to see the error rate when fetching docs.libp2p.io dropping dramatically after being deployed on the pinning cluster!
  • There has been a bump in the error rates of all websites on the 28th of May. Unclear why this has been the case…

True, didn’t notice! Nice verification for our measurements! I think the graph is a bit misleading, though:

I believe there was no error on the 24th of May (haven’t checked) but still the line crosses the ~2% error rate mark. I believe this is only because there was an error on the 25th of May and the graphing library just connected the two data points.

Good point! Maybe a line plot is not the best representation of error rates here then? Would a bar graph where anything below x% (x = 1-2?) is stacked together be better maybe? :thinking:

I’m one of the guilty and looking how to best take care of it without having to install a bunch of dev pkgs. I fired up an lxc container about a week ago on a proxmox box that uses an alpine template now 6 months old. The apk repos need updating by the package maintainer. But this may explain a little why people are dragging behind.

utils:/tmp# apk info kubo
kubo-0.16.0-r6 description:
Inter Platnetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol

kubo-0.16.0-r6 webpage:

kubo-0.16.0-r6 installed size:
63 MiB

utils:/tmp# ipfs version
ipfs version 0.16.0

Concerning graphs, I think it’s important that 0 shows up as 0 and that if we have no data because of no attempts that that is clear too.